The Top Lighting Choices for Enhancing Your Backyard

As the weather grows warmer, people will be spending more time outdoors. Spending time outdoors could mean grilling, eating dinner on the deck, or just chatting with loved ones in the backyard. To make the outdoor experience more enjoyable, lighting is important. 

This article lists the most common outdoor lighting options for your backyard. Keep reading. 

Deck Lighting 

Deck lighting is a type of lighting that is installed onto a deck surface to provide visibility and safety at night. It is typically low or standard voltage and can be installed in grooves on the deck surface. This allows people to walk across the deck without feeling the lights beneath their feet. Deck lighting is often installed around the deck’s perimeter, between the stairs and along stair railings to help people navigate the deck in the dark.


Lanterns are a nice way to add subtle and cozy lighting to an outdoor wall. They can be mounted on the wall or placed on a table. Lanterns are semi-transparent, using a glass and metal exterior to make the light soft and not overly bright. For a softer illumination, choose a lantern with a translucent glass covering so that the light doesn’t interfere with other lights in the backyard.

Outdoor Wall Lights 

Outdoor wall lights provide an ideal solution for improving visibility in the dark spots of your backyard. You can install them on any vertical surface of your outdoor space, from the interior of your pergola to stairways, around pools, and in sunken seating areas. Open-bottomed sconces work best for maximizing the light output in these shadowy areas, and you can enjoy the safety and aesthetic benefits of low-voltage lighting without worrying about overpowering brightness.

Path Lighting

Path lighting is a type of outdoor lighting designed to make walkways and landscaping easier to navigate and more attractive. It is usually installed along the sides of main walkways, stepping stones, and flower beds. Low-voltage and solar LED options are typically available. 

Security Lighting

Security lighting is a type of lighting that is used to protect properties and scare away potential intruders. It typically runs on standard 120-Volt electricity and is placed in high areas. Motion-sensing flood lights are the best option for security lighting, as they are equipped with sensors that will turn the lights on only when movement is detected in the area. 

String Lighting 

String lighting is accent lighting that creates a cozy atmosphere and is great for outdoor entertaining. Several outdoor string lights, such as waterproof, rechargeable, traditional battery-powered, or solar-powered, can also be used. These lights don’t need an extension cord to run across the yard, can be used in areas without an electrical outlet, and stay on even in the rain.


Backyard lighting is an essential part of any outdoor space. Not only does it provide much-needed illumination into the backyard, but it also creates a cozy, inviting atmosphere. 

Different lighting fixtures are available to choose from, and they come in various styles and designs to match any décor. Additionally, by considering the size and shape of your yard, you can find the perfect lighting solution to suit your needs. 

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