Irina M. - Oslo, Norway​

I would have never imagined this place would look this awesome! I can’t wait to gather my family and enjoy the winter days together. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Barry T. - London, United Kingdom​

OMG, My wife and I have only looked at the first 20-30 images on Dropbox (as the main images are still downloading), they are out of this world!

Bella C. - Sydney, Australia​

Functional and cozy! This emerald green chairs have such a strong impact in the neutral palette tones!

Daniel C. - New Zealand​

This is how I want my rear concrete deck to look like! You are the best!

Kyle S. - Lubbock, Texas​

Investors agreed! We are building this outdoor lounge area soon! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE!

Ranald S. - London, United Kingdom​

Planters, vines, string is all great! Now I can show this to my clients proudly!

David D. - Los Angeles, California​

Woohoo, yes! Industrial style around my existing fire place! Exactly as I wanted it to be! I can't wait to sit and watch a nice movie here!

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